Under The Bed

If you’ve ever wondered whether there are monsters under your bed… There are!  But don’t be scared they’re not here to cause fear!

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Matinee of Madness

You’re invited to Doctors Joy and Rapture, the most magnificently malicious madcap masters of mischief and malevolent merriment!  In addition to skits and stories you’ll also be treated to old school scares with horror movie classics!

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Monthly Tea With Madeline Foxtrot

Prepare to get steamy with Dogtoon Media’s favorite Steampunk Madeline Foxtrot as she tells you definitively what is and is not Steampunk!  Shout “Bully!” as you meet Madeline’s sons Timothy the professional bully, and Matthew Darksparkle (who’s totes goth!)

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Dogtoon Media

Dogtoon Media is a full production media operation with projects ranging from graphic design, web comics, original shows, skit videos and independent film. We are a collection of art students, professionals, geeks and enthusiasts who have a passion for bringing our ideas to life on the big screen, small screen… or just the computer screen. We strive to give ourselves a platform to express our creative interests and showcase our work to as many people as we can reach.


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